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Sunday, July 15, 2012

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Pickup trucks have changed since your father's first pickup truck. No longer clunky, unattractive beasts of the road, today's pickup trucks are designed with aesthetic appeal and engineered for the smoothest ride even on the rough terrain. This can only mean one thing: you want one. You want one so bad and you want one today - specifically the new and hypnotic Volkswagon Amorak. It doesn't matter if you're a tradie, a weekend warrior, or a corporate type looking to get a different kind of ride - the modern pickup truck will meet your needs. But what about the costly financing and the stressful paperwork that come with buying a pickup truck, or any automobile for that matter, you ask?

For every problem there is a solution. Why buy when you can lease? Leasing offers a multitude of benefits that most businesses have already recognised and gained from financially. In comparison to buying a vehicle, leasing offers an economical option to individuals who can't afford a large lump sum and heavy monthly payments and to businesses that require a fleet of vehicles for their executives and partners but haven't got the capital investment just yet. If your job isn't paying you enough to get a new vehicle and public transportation isn't an option, you can lease a vehicle and pay a minimal deposit and even smaller monthly fees. If you own a business providing services like carpentry, landscaping, or painting, you can lease a trucks like the Mazda B Series BT-50.

Other than the affordability, leasing also offers you an array of choices when it comes to the manufacturer and the model of your car. For instance, this year you could drive around London, Wales, or Scotland in the wide and handsome Volkswagen Amarok ("amarok", an Inuit word, apparently translates to "wolf") Trendline and the next couple of years drive a tough and dashing single cab version from the B Series of Mazda. You could realistically be driving a different truck every year if you choose to go with a one-year lease or spend a little more time with the same truck if you go with a three-year contract hire for your business.

Choosing to go with pick up truck leasing can offer you multiple benefits, not the least of which is the flexibility to enjoy a different kind of model from different manufacturers as often as possible. Best of all, you can use all that time you have with the current pickups you're leasing to determine whether it's the right kind of truck for your needs or not, if you do eventually decide to buy one. So enquire with a leasing specialist and find out which enticing pickup trucks you can drive today.

Experts state the leasing is far better then purchasing your very own car. Leasing offers you a lot of benefits and rewards that will sure to help you get you the pickup truck that you've always wanted.


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