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Monday, July 7, 2014

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The parking situation in many big cities is very complex and more often than not leaves its residents baffled. Nevertheless, there are a lot of parking options available in the city. A few of which are briefed below,

Street parking-

You find street parking facilities in many areas that are a lot less crowded and further downtown. It is easier to find curb space on side streets and not on main roads. It is very easy to be misled and so ensure to read the signs. Anything that resembles street parking might not be actually meant for it. An area that is marked by a yellow curb or any indication of street cleaning happening that day needs to be avoided. Signs indicating that the snow is over a particular depth needs to be considered, when you are trying to park your vehicle. It is mandatory to have a city sticker posted if you are a citizen with local plates. Absence of a city sticker might earn you an orange ticket.

Permit parking-

Another very common practice is permit parking, however you need to keep a watchful eye on the signs that will indicate to you who, where and when. Some areas have 24 hours of restricted parking whereas some others restrict parking only at particular times of the day. Events that take place across the city may also affect the hours posted in different areas. It is mandatory that you will qualify for a permit in a particular area as there are numerous permit zones. This qualification requires you to meet certain criteria. It is also a possibility for permit holders to purchase parking passes that are temporary for use by visitors

Metered parking-

Though this type of facility is very often available, it is essential that you read everything that is on the meter, even the fine prints as they might have a lot of restrictions indicated.

Commercial lots-

Though these commercial lots and garages are easily available they might prove to be very expensive. The fine prints are usually close to invisible and so you might be led to thinking that the rates mentioned are genuine. However, you might miss a few terms that indicate that the rates are for a certain specified time alone. So ensure to read the fine prints so that you can avoid paying exorbitant amounts for a few hours of parking.

Renting a garage-

When options dry out you can always rent space in a garage that is situated close to your residence. Though the rates for this type of parking space may be huge you can be sure to find space for your vehicle close to where you live. There are many ways to find parking space like from popular classified sites or you can even find an agent who has multiple listing service access who would be able to find parking for you.


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