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Sunday, August 19, 2012

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Brake repair, perhaps because it typically isn't as expensive as some of the problems that unravel underneath the hood of a car, often doesn't get the due respect it deserves. It is, in many ways, the most important part of car maintenance. Failure on the part of the braking system can cause a major crash much faster than a problem with the engine or electrical system. Those accidents can be serious and sometimes fatal. That is why it's important to put your car in front of a mechanic whenever a problem develops. Here are some of the common issues experienced by drivers and what those symptoms could mean.


If you press on the brake pedal and your car begins listing to one side or the other, the issue could require brake repair. Often this pulling is caused because of some kind of uneven wear on the rotors. Of course, it can also be a sign of problems with the wheel cylinder. On many occasions, it has nothing to do with the braking system at all and is instead a sign of a needed wheel alignment. Still, it is always better to rule out the more serious causes before moving on to secondary issues. Whatever the problem, it isn't something you should continue to drive on.


A pulsing braking system is often caused by worn rotors. Because the brakes don't make even contact with the rotors as the car begins to slow, it can create that pulsing effect that is often a sign of needed brake repair. This isn't necessarily an expensive fix. If your rotors are relatively new and untouched, the mechanic should be able to resurface them and provide you with a clean driving cylinder. If you've had that service done several times already, it may be time to replace the rotors altogether.


Do you ever feel as though you are fighting some invisible force while driving down the road? In many cases, this is a sign of engine or transmission trouble, but don't discount the possibility of a problem from the braking system. When the retraction springs wear out or there is an issue with the cables, it could prevent your calipers from fully withdrawing when you step off the pedal. Your brakes remain at least partially engaged, causing your car to work much harder just to drive smoothly down the street. Get this fixed as soon as possible to avoid major failure of the braking system, as well as increased fuel consumption and engine wear.

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